P2 SSA HOLICE – Stredni Skola Automobilni Holice

SSA is a secondary school providing education in three fields of vocational studies and in two four-year programmes finished by leaving examination. The school has around 500 students and it is situated in Holice, in the Pardubice region. There are 25 teachers of tehoretical issues and 25 for practical training. There is also an administrative staff.

The graduates from this school are ready to work in auto repair business, in car market, in services (car services, tire services, breakdown services) in transportation and insurance companies or they can join the police.

They are very active in international cooperation within the Erasmus+ projects, and mainly

take part in educatonal stays abroad. The students can go to Austria (Eggenburg), France (Paris), Finland (Porvoo), Slovakia (Bratislava), China (Shanghai) or Poland, where they get a certificate and Europass mobility. The school took part in a Comenius School Partnership “Regional Sports” in 2004, as well as other European projects. Furthermore they took part both as partner and as organizator to different project (not European) linked to the promotion of cycling, dealing with cycling associations at regional and national level.

SSA started a cooperation with a padal-car club (Contact page) last year, and organised a competition which took place in July 2016. The school supported them together with the town and organized first competition in Holice. They would love to keep cooperating with this club and therefore looking for some other ways and possibilities how to be active in this field. The races take place in Pardubice and Hradec Králové region regularly.

The town of Holice has around 7.000 inhabitants and there are 50 sports club, among which around 20 deal with cycling.