P4 is a sport club that realizes activities for children and youngsters between 6 and 12 years, through the promotion of sports and physical activities, for the correct psychological and physical growth of teenagers. They also promote the knowledge of training techniques and the correct and healthful nutrition. They realize training courses and seminars on cycling, with psycho-educational notions for the correct growth and development of youngsters, also promoting correct social relationships. Activity and training take also into account the school trend of youngsters and their knowledge of nutrition. The association promotes not only cycling, but a multidisciplinary approach of sport, so that youngsters can choose their most suitable sport activity. In cooperation with some local schools and with the municipal policy, they also organise educational courses for the road safety.

Youngsters take also part in interregional competitions and in the national meeting.

The association organises sports events. The president of Società Ciclistica Faentina is a professional director of competitions and has cooperated with national media (La Gazzetta dello Sport) within official cycling and sports competitions and events. He also has a good relation with local and regional media.

P4 has around 60 members (individuals), and 25 youngsters registered. During the events organized at the circuit managed by P4 they reach around 400 people as audience.