Municipality of Faenza

The Municipality of Faenza is a local authority and is responsible for protecting and promoting the general interests of its community: it carries out political, governance and administration functions concerning its territory and the community. It is located in the southern area of Emilia Romagna Region at the crossroad between Tuscany and the Adriatic sea. Its population is of around 60.000 inhabitants. The Municipality has the task of ensuring public services and promoting the economic and social development.

The main areas of focus are: 1) services to individuals and communities (including school services and sports); 2) spatial and land use; 3) economic development.

Following up the national legislation evolution, in 2012 Faenza created and joined the “Unione della Romagna Faentina – URF”, a union of six neighbouring City councils, in order to deliver cost-efficient services to the communities involved. The Union provides the overall common strategic vision and coordinates public and private projects aimed at social, economic, environmental and tourist enhancement of the area. All functions and services once provided directly by the municipalities are to be transferred to the URF within 2018. At present 80% of people once working in the different Municipalities is transferred to the Union and 80% of the services are directly managed by URF, including social and education services and participation.

In Faenza there are 6 high schools, 7 secondary schools and 9 primary schools. The municipal school office is in charge of the most important education services to support students and families in their education life. The school office is part of a vast department which also includes the sports office.

Faenza has organised a local event on pedal cars for 17 years, with a strong cooperation with the local schools, in particular with the High Technical School Bucci. This school took part in a Comenius project in 1998.

In Faenza there are around 150 sports clubs and associations, of which 7 are linked to cycling.