HIS reprents the basic institution responsible for the sports for all movement in Turkey. It is a non-profit sports federation, established within the 59th article of the constitution of the Republic of Turkey to realize the purpose of the law “The state takes measures to improve the physical and mental health of Turkish citizens of all ages and encourages the dissemination of sport to masses”.

HIS promotes a sports culture, in order to ensure a healthy, peaceful and happy life by increasing the quality of life of citizens of all ages and genders and all social groups.

HIS organizes festivals, group games and recreational competitions all over Turkey, raises the awareness of the upcoming generations against malnutrition, obesity and other diseases and contributes to make them use their body correctly, adopt correct values as a life philosophy, keep away from unhealthy things such as alcohol and cigarette, respect the common values of society and serve for the unity and peace of the society. They also train voluntary sport for all leaders in neighbourhoods, villages and town districts, realize public seminars in the field of sports and education, put the new researches and applications in this field at the disposal wide audiences, by joining in regional and international activities. They reach a wide number of target groups: from individuals to families, special groups like disable people, elderly people) as well as housewives and office workers, etc.…

There are 247 private sport associations and yoga gyms registered by Turkish Sport For All Federation in Turkey, as well as 3450 wellness and 510 yoga coaches certified by HIS.

In the sports festivals organized by the Federation in 2016, approximately 100 thousand people have been reached throughout the country, including sports for all activities in schools, lifelong sports activities at Universities especially at Physical Education and Sport Department and also other, and in social medias twetter, facebook, internet etc.