About the project

The Ride to Learn in Europe project aims at enhancing the events linked to the pedal cars, giving them a European dimension and especially trying to

 promote the potentialities of this sport activity, in terms of sport, education and social inclusion.

Partners have identified some problems and necessities as starting point for the project development:

  • difficulties in planning and organising the event, with a consequent inadequate involvement of stakeholders and people;
  • lack of networking, both at local and transnational level
  • differences in the race rules among different Countries and Cities;
  • not effective communication and promotion of the events.

The project includes 5 partners from 4 Countries, representing different types of organizations and foresees both transnational and local activities aiming at the following specific objectives:

  • promote the awareness of citizens, local schools and association within the theme of pedal cars, promoting not only the events but also the sports activity itself, with a consequent benefit for the health of youngsters and adults;
  • promote the social aspects of the pedal cars, like creativity, work in team, social inclusion and integration, promotion of sports as tool for fighting bullying in the schools;
  • encourage more opportunities of exchanges and transnational relations for youngsters, and also for teachers, adults and representative of the participating organizations;
  • stimulate the continuity of the transnational relations, improving the capacities of networking of teachers and referents of the participating tow ns and cities.

The relation between this kind of event and the schools, as described in the project represents a concrete opportunity to promote the education through the sport and vice versa. The promotion of pedal cars events through the project encourages therefore the link between sport and education.


Project coordinator: Municipality of Faenza

For further information: elisabetta.dimartino@romagnafaentina.it